Wurm Online showcases new animal feeding stations, better breeding features, and improved horse models

Plus: KatsPurr goes on a walk in another Wurm Roulette


This news is for those Wurm Online players that are all about that farm life, particularly livestock and animal husbandry. The most recent Valrei International has offered a look at a variety of updates that should make livestock rearing a little bit easier and nicer to look at.

First, the game will be adding hay stacks, feeding troughs, and pet bowls to make it easier for players to feed their animal friends without cluttering their pens with dropped food items. These new items can hold a variety of different foods to handle different animal diets, and when animals are hungry they’ll move to the trough, have a few bites, and move back to their previous tile. A video showcasing this behavior is embedded below, featuring an absolutely massive dog and a sheep that just doesn’t care.

Breeding reworks were the next subject of the post as the game is seeing 23 new traits added and all traits put under different categories. The way traits are passed down is different as well, as parents sharing a majority of traits in one particular category increases the chance for all traits in that category to be passed on. On the subject of traits, the post also outlines some new horse models that will be different depending on the traits that horse possesses.

Finally, we close out with some Wurm community news as YouTuber and streamer KatsPurr has put out another episode of Wurm Roulette, where she picks out a random location on the game’s map and tries to make it there at any cost. You can find that stream video just below the aforementioned animal feeding footage.

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