Champions Online targets the Archery powerset for a revamp


Just when you thought that the powersets you got in Champions Online would continue on the same until the game’s final day, suddenly there’s a big change on the horizon. Cryptic announced that it’s rolling out a major revamp for the Archery powerset in the near future.

“For a long time now, the Archery power set hasn’t been up to our standards in Champions Online,” Cryptic said. “That’s why we’ve taken the time to completely rework it, bringing archers into the modern era of Champions.”

In fact, the Archery overhaul is currently on the public test server if you’d like to check it out. The patch makes a whole lot of adjustments to Archery’s skills to make it powerful and more flexible. As the studio explains, “In addition to a number of smaller changes, the set it now much more focused on crowd control, and has a new, high damage power.”


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Richard de Leon III

Considering they are revamping archery, I hope they tweak pet builds. They have almost no ability to handle endgame content considering many of the encounters can just eradicate pets with no recourse on the part of the player.