Elyon schedules second closed beta for August

Pre-orders coming soon, too


Did you miss out on the first closed beta for Elyon this past May? You’re going to get another crack at trying out this fantasy MMO before it releases later this year, so don’t fret. Kakao Games announced this week that it’s scheduling a second closed beta test for August, with exact dates coming soon.

While there may be other ways to grab a beta key, one surefire way to get into the test is to pre-order the game. And no, you haven’t missed the boat on this; pre-orders haven’t started yet.

MOP’s Carlo dived into the first closed beta and came away excited, saying, “Elyon isn’t going to impress the veterans. But for the younger folks who have yet to experience the magic of the MMORPG, Elyon will be a solid recommendation for the years to come.”

Source: Twitter

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Simon Gördén

With all the games coming out in the near future i dont see Elyon lasting for long and thats sad. For example, liking action combat? you cant beat Lost Ark. PvP? Can’t beat equalized pvp in the form of arenas that Lost Ark is offering. Huge open world with nice graphics? Cant beat New World. Want an eastern theme? Sword of legends got you covered. The list goes on and on and thats without naming all the expanstions coming out to already established games.

Hikari Kenzaki

I love testing games. Obviously, it’s part of my job. I’ve gotten to the point with Elyon and SOLO that I don’t want to test anymore cause I don’t want to spoil the fun when I start over at launch.