WoW Classic shares insights on same-faction battleground testing, plans more tests soon


Last week Blizzard raised more than a couple of eyebrows with its plan to test same-faction battlegrounds in World of Warcraft: Classic. Now that those tests are over, the devs are sharing some insight into how things went.

According to a dev forum post, the same-faction testing did precisely what it was meant to do; battleground queue times became shorter and more reliable for both factions, and there’s data that says when same-faction battlegrounds were available, PvP deaths in the outdoor world were very close to 50/50 between the factions. In addition, win rates for the two factions when facing the other faction were on a 50/50 split.

Needless to say, testing of same-faction battlegrounds will continue, though it won’t happen over the next few days as the devs plan to collect and analyze more data and make system tweaks. Once testing is ready to resume, players will be alerted.

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