PvP sandbox Fractured is blindsided by ‘rampant’ player killing in alpha tests


With a growing studio and another major alpha test on the horizon, Fractured is taking things to the next level in 2021. Level 2, to be precise. You get some new skills, a bump in stats, and a hat that earns you a free mug of ale in any tavern you visit. In any case, Dynamight Studios posted its latest roadmap this week leading from now to what it’s calling the Fall Alpha 2021.

One issue that the studio hopes to address before the fall was the “rampant” player killing that happened in its last PvP test despite the game asking very politely that players keep the conflicts just between guilds and cities.

Apparently Fractured’s systems to discourage and safeguard against runaway ganking wasn’t enough, so more work is being done for this fall’s alpha test to make penalties even stiffer. It’s now an arms race between the developer and PKers, and good money is on PKers finding a way no matter what the penalty. But that’s just us and 25 years of MMORPG history talking.

PvP aside, the fall alpha will greatly increase Fractured’s PvE offerings with the addition of over 20 creatures, 40 abilities, more points of interests, and a world event system. The team is also improving the game performance with a SpatialOS upgrade.

Source: Fractured
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