SEED’s latest dev blogs feature roads, cities, house interiors, a new user portal, and too many ducks

Don't listen to MJ, there is such a thing as too many ducks


Klang Games’ dev blog-a-palooza for its developing colony sim MMO SEED rolls along, with a whole bunch of posts about cities, Seedlings, user tools, and, yes, ducks. Gobs and gobs of ducks. Mysterious ducks gathering under the pale moonlight.

  • We’ll begin with a recap of a recent playtest that offers a play-by-play of a recent internal test of the game’s latest build for those interested in seeing how gameplay is working to this point.
  • Seedlings are already known to have moods and needs, but now we’re getting a look at their personality traits, which means individuals will have specific responses to events. The system will ultimately affect a Seedling’s growth and relationships with others.
  • Building a city in the game isn’t just as simple as having a lot of buildings put together, as this dev blog attests, detailing the variety of things the devs consider on what a city in SEED actually is.
  • It’s not just about cities and their buildings, of course. Interiors are important too, and that’s just what this dev blog touches on.
  • What’s a city without roads? Kind of weird, for one, so luckily players will get to have a bit of control over how Seedlings move around with the placement of roads.
  • A new user portal currently in the works will replace the game’s current website and offer new features including a development roadmap.
  • Do you want to work onĀ SEED? Because Klang Games is hiring. They’re primarily lead positions, though.
  • Finally, let’s look at some bugs. Namely, there was a bug where character backpacks were a bit too wobbly, and then there’s the matter of various duck-related problems, including ducks escaping their pond confines to coast down roads, float menacingly at Seelings, and spawn in large numbers to gather in one area. For innocent reasons, surely.
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