Crowfall suddenly changes course and announces a Dregs campaign for Australian players

It actually ended.

Last week and this past Tuesday we reported on Crowfall’s lack of a Dregs campaign for Oceania players while NA and EU players got one, with ArtCraft noting that the player population in the region needed “thousands” of players to launch such a campaign. “We’re still building our audience in the Brazilian and Australian markets and look forward to starting campaigns there soon,” read statements from the studio at the time.

Following that logic, those thousands of Australian players have apparently materialized as ArtCraft suddenly announced a Dregs campaign for AUS players, running between now and Saturday, July 31st. The timing here is important to note, as the linked thread, while being posted on July 3rd, was edited yesterday, and the tweet calling attention to said announcement only went out yesterday as well.

This short notice has caused some cynicism and consternation among Australian Crowfall fans, as replies to the announcement tweet accuse ArtCraft of wanting the region’s Dregs campaign to fail or otherwise bemoan the short timing as Australian players are already heavily involved in other ongoing campaigns. “Short notice, short duration, and after people are already invested in existing servers… Who thought this was a good idea?” reads one such tweet. “I get it’s a smaller audience but this feels like a slap in the face,” reads another.

sources: official forums, Twitter, thanks to Jack for the tip!
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