Crowfall suddenly changes course and announces a Dregs campaign for Australian players

It actually ended.

Last week and this past Tuesday we reported on Crowfall’s lack of a Dregs campaign for Oceania players while NA and EU players got one, with ArtCraft noting that the player population in the region needed “thousands” of players to launch such a campaign. “We’re still building our audience in the Brazilian and Australian markets and look forward to starting campaigns there soon,” read statements from the studio at the time.

Following that logic, those thousands of Australian players have apparently materialized as ArtCraft suddenly announced a Dregs campaign for AUS players, running between now and Saturday, July 31st. The timing here is important to note, as the linked thread, while being posted on July 3rd, was edited yesterday, and the tweet calling attention to said announcement only went out yesterday as well.

This short notice has caused some cynicism and consternation among Australian Crowfall fans, as replies to the announcement tweet accuse ArtCraft of wanting the region’s Dregs campaign to fail or otherwise bemoan the short timing as Australian players are already heavily involved in other ongoing campaigns. “Short notice, short duration, and after people are already invested in existing servers… Who thought this was a good idea?” reads one such tweet. “I get it’s a smaller audience but this feels like a slap in the face,” reads another.

sources: official forums, Twitter, thanks to Jack for the tip!

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Jack Pipsam

Talk about a mad scramble, 48-hours before annoucment they implied we’re still a quite a bit off, then they out of the blue announce a week long server launching within 12-hours, right after New World started testing with many off there and many other OCE Crowfall players had either committed themselves to an NA Dreg or just were taking their time.

ArtCraft literally gave us what we wanted in the worst possible way lol, my guild managed to draw themselves back and last night began the campaign, I think being the second largest guild in the campaign before I had to go to bed after two hours of being active.
I can only assume this was done for two reasons, one as an actual test, two to shut us up.
There’s no doubt their sudden course change has lessened how many would join this, but I’m just hoping it will get the constant engagement needed to get another one next time around in sync with the others as this will finish before the other current ones finish.


I get they want to have all the campaigns end at the same time, but a week isn’t much of anything. That’s one or two siege windows for each of the keeps. The winners will be determined in the next day just by who grabbed what right away.

I really hope they just do a faction v faction campaign for a bit after the current Dregs are done. I know that the Dregs is regarded as the top tier of PvP, but having all those guilds in a faction campaign would probably be very helpful to new players. Get them into large scale PvP, have easier access to the knowledge of veteran players, and help get those players into guilds.

The current wall of “Join a guild or stop playing” isn’t doing them any favors, as much fun as as I’m having in Dregs.


They already announced their plans.

They’re supposed to do a big patch on test server by end of this week or early next which will include a lot of changes. This patch deployment date is supposed to coincide with the end of the first Dregs campaign. The next Dregs campaign is supposed to be larger (more maps) and The Shadow (Faction vs Faction) is supposed to launch as well with the second dregs campaign.

Brian Barrett

What the fuck is a dregs campaign. Like DLC?


It is a certain type of campaign world

I believe the dregs worlds are the most dangerous, i also think during dregs everyone can attack everyone.


They name their various campaigns.

God’s Reach is the “starting” world which is basically one big tutorial instance for people. You start here, you level up here, you can get some basic starting on crafting done here. You can freely transfer between Eternal Kingdom’s and the bulk of your Vault is here.

The Dregs is the name of the Guild vs Guild campaign. Anyone who isn’t specifically in your guild/alliance is considered an enemy in the various game zones. You drop all your inventory when you die here (not equipment).

Campaigns like The Dregs have limited duration. There are objectives you can complete in the campaign against other guilds and at the end of a campaign depending on how your guild did you get rewards. These rewards return back to that global pool of God’s Reach and Eternal Kingdoms (private housing instances). Everything about campaigns is randomly generated from the maps to the names to what’s there on them and they have sliders/abilities to modify things. So like the first Dregs was 5 areas across multiple campaigns, next one they are talking about a larger pool of maps (IE: 10 maps) but only one campaign for an area like US.

Dro Gul

And still no faction vs faction severs.

Yeah I know, in a week or a month they will put one on test.

This is a launched game. Not having one of the main game types available is a fatal flaw which is shown by their hemorrhaging population.


Hemorrhaging population, based on only 25% of people who bought the game showing up in the first place. But mention that stat around here, and a few posters will go absolutely crazy… even though it’s a stat direct from the devs. The game is toast. It’s been rush-launched, to try and get the drop on New World… but New World is going to kill it (what’s left of it next month), stone dead.