Neverwinter’s new character boosting event is extended for a day after a broken release


Neverwinter kicked off its Jewel of the North release on PC, which certainly got its fair share of attention, but there was another event kicked off this past Tuesday as well: a returning Neverember Recruitment event, which offered newly crafted characters some extra rewards for every level earned and some account-wide goodies that could be picked up.

However, the event was apparently not working correctly, as players began reporting problems with not getting their incentive currencies. The devs response: fix the event and extend it for a day, with no mention of any retroactive compensation for characters that were affected before the hotfix at the time of this writing.

As one might expect, this announcement has not been well received, with many players agitated by a lack of further action by the devs and asking for their earned currencies, all of which has fallen on deaf ears to this point.

sources: official site, official forums (1, 2, 3, 4), Reddit, Twitter via MMO Fallout
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