Swords of Legends Online is launching two new easy- and normal-mode raids tomorrow


Swords of Legends Online is due for a big patch tomorrow that ought to make raiders happy. The patch notes introduce the Waves in a Tempest and Horror of Huaixiu raids, following on the heels of the Xuanjiu Jade Palace raid at the end of July.

  • Waves in a Tempest is in the Shanghuai Grassland; it’s aimed at groups of 10-20 players with a recommended item level of 50 for the easy mode and 60 for normal.
  • Horror of Huaixiu is in Huaixiu Village; it, too, is meant for groups of 10-20 players, with the same item level recommendations for both easy and normal modes.

The patch will further tweak weekly bounties, boss battles, weekly parchment limits, recipes, and raid locks:

“You can now enter raids as often as you wish and are no longer locked out after having cleared it once per week. Similarly to our dungeons, you won’t be getting any rewards for clearing it a second time in the same week – but you will be able to train or help others with this change. You’ll get the Instance Escort buff automatically as a max level player, which enables the above behaviour. […] The Quest Group Expedition has been updated to require clearing, after August 12th, either of the 2 easy version of the new raids.”

Source: Patch notes. Cheers, G!
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