Fallout 76 outlines what will happen when the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode goes offline


With Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter battle royale mode shutting down this fall, fans of the mode may be wondering what happens next or whether cosmetics that were unique to the mode will be making a comeback. A number of those questions were answered in the game’s latest Inside the Vault news post.

Cosmetics from Nuclear Winter will be added to the reward pools of a number of the game’s open world events, though any trophies that players may have earned from the mode will not be unlockable in any other way. Incidentally, those who completed at least one match of Nuclear Winter will be getting a pennant decoration for their CAMPs, while players will also get six Perk Coins for every Nuclear Winter Perk Card earned up to a maximum of 600 and one Perk Coin per Overseer Ticket earned up to a maximum of 200. Finally, Vault 51 will be freely explorable once the Fallout Worlds update arrives.

The newsletter has a few other tidbits for players to read up on, including a recap of QuakeCon reveals and details on a Mystery Pick event running at the Purveyor between now and August 30th.


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John Mclain

I absolutely “HATED” nuclear winter, it was rampant hacking, god-mode/flying/homing bullets/radar/fatman minigun spawning/etc. I somehow FORCED myself to play through that abomination just for the hellfire skin. Will not shed a single tear to see it be put into a wood chipper… feet first.


Nuclear Winter was actually the most fun Battle Royale I’ve played. It rewarded different play styles and teamwork, and didn’t overly depend exclusively on reactionary shooter skills, while also avoiding the Fortnite-level of intense micro gameplay that only 12 year olds can compete with.

It is a shame Bethesda never assigned any devs to it after they released it, the game mode simply died over time due to their total neglect of it. All it really needed was balance updates and anti-cheat, with the occasional map refresh and decent monetization system to keep the lights on.

They ended up shutting it down while blaming the players for not playing it. Of course you’re not getting a smash-hit success when the developer itself never bothers to actually develop. But the fact that so many people still played it despite of no updates, just showcased how the core of the game mode functioned well and had an audience.

The whole thing left a sour taste in my mouth, and I personally won’t be buying any Bethesda games in the future – they are mostly buggy let-downs anyway.


I didnt even know it existed. I Probably would have enjoyed it by the sounds of it. Must have been poorly marketed.