DC Universe Online’s House of Legends launches new hub, episode, and allies system


As promised, Daybreak pushed House of Legends to the DC Universe Online live servers this week. It’s a freebie episode for everyone. The episode adds the titular new hub in The Bleed, the new allies system, new dailies, updated queue UI, and the updated Superman Classic content.

“Answer The Monitor’s call and travel to his House of Legends, a new shared hero and villain hub at the center of all worlds. A vast threat approaches, and you – with your allies – will need to be stronger than you are now to face it. To get stronger, everything must change. House of Legends features this new shared hub, an updated On Duty menu with Quick Play missions, Omnibus scaling content with full rewards and with no loot locks, Save the Universe up-leveled classic content, the Allies system, new rewards, access level upgrades, Doctor Fate’s Daily Rewards, and more. For a limited time, the standard (not up-leveled) versions of Save the Universe content are also available with increased rewards. Look for both in your On Duty menu.”

Last spring, Daybreak announced an initiative to retool the game’s monetization to both sweeten the sub deal and broaden the content offerings to freebie players; the patch notes this week remind players that freemium players have scored not only the free episodes but increases to roster and currency caps, while subbers are being fêted with extra rewards, inventory slots, and drop bonuses.

Source: Patch notes

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It’s great to see when an MMO expands content for all it’s different types of players. I just started playing again and I’m having fun.

Andrew Clear

Hopped on last night on the Switch version, and still couldn’t get a raid within an hour of sitting in the queue. It seems that they have about 500 or less, max concurrent, on the Switch. They really need to merge the Switch and Xbox versions into the PS4 / PC ones. It would be better for the players, and would save them some money since they wouldn’t have to run as many servers.

Other than that, I was getting alerts to pop at a good rate, and the level syncing made the bosses a little less trivial. But, you could still by pass mechanics most the time, which makes one wonder why they allowed the sync to be that generous.

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

I agree. The question is can they afford sonys fees for crossplay. Afaik sont is the only one that actually charges for it.

Andrew Clear

Well, good point. They could merge the Xbox and Switch servers then, at least that would help both of those player bases.