Aura Kingdom’s 80th patch introduces The Whipmaster

Requisite "whip it good" joke here


Gamigo’s been busy this week, just not in the games our readers likely wish were getting love. Aura Kingdom has patched in with the studio is calling a “major update” as of yesterday, the game’s 80th patch, which rolls out new dungeons, a new mode for Gaia Sanctuary, a touch-up for PvP, and a new class called the Whipmaster.

“The Whipmaster is a brand-new character class that uses their whip to ward off evil as well as all challengers foolish enough to test their advanced melee techniques,” Gamigo explains. “Players can create their Whipmaster as either a male or female character (sorry, Chibi fans) and should expect their main element to fall under the Holy category but can be expanded to use Storm or Fire.”

The new dungeons are Nightmare Realm and Doom of Despair, both for solo players, and the PvP tweak is an updated version of Divine Trial that reduces the number of people needed to start the battle royale-esque matches. Players should check out the patch notes for the full details.

Source: Press release, patch notes

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I would love to see this kind of class concept in something like guild wars 2 or black desert