Profane proudly showcases a suit of metal armor and beats the FFA PvP drum once more


Some people like cloth armor, some like leather armor, but some like the big, bulky, and (ideally) secure feeling of metal armor. Unsurprisingly, Profane will feature all of them, and in the game’s latest Twitter thread it shows off the initial concept of one such heavy armor piece.

The rest of the thread launches into a thesis all about the decision to be a full-loot FFA PvP game, how it wants players to shape the game world’s history, and the importance of risk and reward — all things that the devs at Insane crowed about when the game first was announced. “We believe full-loot and PvPFfA (PvP Free for All) just can’t be tossed as a feature in any game,” reads the thread. “For it to work, the game has to be made so that those features are only a consequence of how loyal the game is to true RPG freedom, where actions have consequences instead of you being denied to perform them just because the game design can’t support them!”

source: Twitter
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