Pearl Abyss shares additional details about the creatures, setting, and gameplay of DokeV


Let’s assume that your disappointment in DokeV shifting from MMO to open world action adventure hasn’t put the kibosh on your overall curiosity or interest in the game. Then you might be happy to learn that Pearl Abyss has been making the rounds to the gaming press in South Korea, offering a few additional informational tidbits about the upcoming title.

One of the primary features of DokeV is the capturing of Dokebi, the adorable little monsters in the game’s world. According to answers from the devs, capturing Dokebi is actually saving them, as they are initially created by people’s dreams and are born when unfulfilled desires or thoughts manifest in reality (so, you know, video game logic). While we’re on the subject of Dokebi, they are AI controlled except for when they combine with players for special moves, and Dokebi can be swapped out mid-fight to gain an advantage. Dokebi will also have their own stories and capture challenge level.

As for the game’s world, it’s set in a future where a company called Company (yes, really) has crafted robots to handle people’s daily chores. Naturally, Company is evil, as players learn that it is using Dokebi to create the AI chips for these robots, prompting them to set out on an adventure to free them. The game world consists of two towns and the area shown off in the latest gameplay trailer is reportedly 1/10th of the entire world’s size.

Obviously, DokeV is still in active development to the point that there is no timeline for the game’s arrival. When it does arrive, however, it will be for PC and console only and not for mobile. As for crossplay, that hasn’t been decided quite yet.

source: MMO Culture

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I want this so bad!


Y’know, I was already pretty well sold on the game… But the concept laid out?

It’s practically “Digimon Meets Yokai-Watch and Kingdom Hearts 3D in a bar”. And… well, I kind of dig that more now!

Heck, the big bad evil company being called ‘Company’, weak as that is, kind of… works… for me here–which I think is coming from that vaguely Kingdom-Hearts feel. I mean… I’ve already seen Woody the Cowboy figure tell off a time traveling old man and his cohorts of past/present/future selves by saying he must not have been loved as a child and sell it.

After that? Yeah… I’ll… take this.

Toy Clown

Ugh, why is this game so cute? That’s my weakness. :(


That trailer was JUST way too precious to not have a smile permanently etched on my face. Yes, I am one of those “Big kids” they’re targeting as well with this.

Yes, that gameplay and graphic settings looks like we’re finally playing a whole next gen Pixar level of CGI film quality in videogame format.

Yes; I want every info bit about this adorable title as much possible cause; unless something extremely messed up happens between now and release date..

YES!! This is a day one preordered purchase without question!!


If the target audience is kids, and they end up being the main audience, that could be a good game based on the looks of it.

But the articles I’ve seen send kind of mixed reports on that front – at least how it’s given publicity in the West. It’s like they are open it for being both a game for kids and adults playing kids.


It’s like Splatoon or Pokemon. They have kids in mind but they KNOW adults love it too. For similar or differing reasons.