Amazon’s New World releases latest ‘legends’ hype trailer


We’re just over a week away from New World’s last big open beta event before its launch in late September, which means Amazon’s still laying tracks for the hype train. The latest entry is actually the second in the studio’s “Legends of New World” series, this one focused on the “supernatural and mysterious history of the island of Aeternum,” though really, it’s just a spooky trailer.

“Aeternum has been at war through all the long eons of this world. Life, death, and eternity. Hope, resilience, and corruption. Different sides of the same [inaudible] and constant tension. In this great struggle, heroes arise, fighting with all their might of arms and cunning magics, armed with only the strength of the weapons and alliances they forge to make a stand against this horror and defy Aeternum’s corruption.”

OK, OK, we get it, it’s a scary place and we’re probably going to die. The trailer’s tucked down below.

Source: YouTube
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