Star Trek Online brings back a time travel event for September


It’s time to go back to Star Trek Online — and we mean way back, back to the original series era. Cryptic announced that, starting September 8th and running through October 7th, it is reviving the Temporal Agent Recruitment event that focuses on the 23rd century content in the game.

The idea here is to make a brand-new TOS Starfleet character, who is then handed special missions to complete for the Temporal Cold War. Do enough of these missions, and you’ll earn bonuses and rewards, including some new goodies this time around.

It also sounds like Captain Kirk’s stomping grounds are getting some touch-ups as well. “Since you’ll be playing through the Original Series era content for this, we’ve gone through and done some visual updates and updated cutscenes for that era, as well as updating and improving the missions themselves,” explained the studio.

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