Blade & Soul offers a preview of the Dual Blade class arriving on September 8


Blade & Soul continues to run down the feature list of its upcoming September 8th update, this time offering a closer look at the Dual Blade class that will launch with the new content patch. And yes, it has a bit more information beyond “it uses two swords” and “it’s a melee class” (though it does mention those factoids as well).

The Dual Blade will arrive with two specializations: Way of the Shifting Blades, which has players quickly swapping between three different stances at will to unleash special attacks and combos; and Way of the Lotus, which eschews the stance-switching mechanic for a Petals resource that can be used to engage an effect known as Primorida, unlocking new attacks and buffing other skills.

According to the class preview, Shifting Blades is for more advanced players while Lotus is more straightforward. Fans can either get a quick preview now or wait until tomorrow’s update to try the class out for themselves.


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So I guess for this class it’s Blade, Blade, & Soul.


From the link…

“The Dual Blade is a close-combat (melee) class that is only available to the Jin or Yun race.”

…means no Lyn option for me! >.<

But to be fair, the Yun doesn't enough love in this game. So it's nice to see something a little more exclusive to them. (Though I never understood why they couldn't get Astromancer either along with the Lyn.)