Soul Kingdoms is a self-described ‘MMO-lite’ offering battleground PvP ‘without the grind’

Also, it's going to handle crowdfunding entirely by itself


What if MMORPG PvP battleground maps and modes were the entire game itself? That appears to be the overall summary of Soul Kingdoms, a developing game from Power Proc Studios that’s calling itself an “MMO-lite,” insofar as it eschews a lot of the typical MMORPG hurdles that come between PvPers and their next fight.

In Soul Kingdoms, players will be able to hop into PvP battlegrounds right from the very start without any level restrictions standing in the way. There will be some form of character progression system, but the game’s website doesn’t provide any specifics other than progression won’t require players to complete a chore list. As for those battlegrounds, players can expect large-scale battles or smaller-scale skirmishes, as well as different maps and modes like GvG territory battles. Combat will be action-based, with a mouselook targeting system and skills that require either soft-lock or pure aim.

The game will have a social side to it as well, as players will get to gather in a town hub location that lets them duel target dummies and find places to play minigames or take part in special events.

As for how the game will actually get funding, the studio will be turning to crowdfunding but will not be using platforms like Kickstarter. Instead, the fundraising campaign will be handled on the game’s website and use a milestone approach, with additional feature sets opening up to crowdfunding. The website does state that Soul Kingdoms won’t vaguely stay in crowdfunding indefinitely, with promises to provide a full roadmap that will define the path to launch and how many milestones it will take to get there. This funding campaign is set to kick off sometime near the end of October.

A release date hasn’t been confirmed, though the game did run a public play test this past April. In the meantime, information can be found on the game’s website, and a gameplay video can be seen below.

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