Project 1999 players race to fight EverQuest bosses in a charity drive for a family


Regular readers will recall that we’ve previously reported on Project 1999, an officially sanctioned player-run private emulator for EverQuest, primarily regarding things like its Green server and the opening of new shards due to demand. The emulator is back in the news this week for a wonderful reason: a charity drive.

Players on P99 banded together in a race to raise funds for a family that was devastated by Hurricane Ida and initially denied assistance from FEMA. The race involved guilds camping boss spawn points in a bid to be the first to engage. The family opened a GoFundMe page in order to raise $10K to purchase temporary housing for the family; the P99 playerbase helped them hit that goal in three days.

source: Polygon

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Jim Bergevin Jr

Now this is something to feel good about, and a worthwhile investment of time and money.