AdventureQuest 3D releases the finale of the Sandsea Saga and prepares for Mogloween


The ongoing adventure of AdventureQuest 3D’s desert epic has reached its apex with the finale of the Sandsea Saga, which features a fight against Skorpienne the Keeper of Death and offers up rewards like new titles, a Skorpienne-styled cosmetic set, and a potent version of Zhoom’s Bow that has high attack and haste stats.

While the Sandsea Saga is ending, it only means that the next update will make way for the greatest time of the year in Battleon: Mogloween, the game’s Halloween event. Players can look forward to the return of the cauldron named Myx, who will bring players back to Mystcroft to earn past years’ Halloween collections sometime later this week. Future updates coming to the game include the addition of PvP, a challenge version of the Skorpienne boss fight, a new Best In Stat armor set with +20 infusion, and a legendary weapon.


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George Wilson III

I’m so behind on this. Playing catch up on AQW right now and missing the new stuff on AQ3D. Life is hard, LOL