Craftopia patches up stability and performance for Xbox players with content arriving on September 30


Xbox players are just like any other group of players insofar as they like their games to perform well, be free of bugs, and make the best possible use of the hardware they’re playing on. Thus, it makes sense for Craftopia to patch up stability issues, with a patch on Friday to address a number of bugs and performance issues on the Xbox consoles, followed by another patch today to improve performance specifically when playing on Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Both patches are clearly focused more on performance, with both focused primarily on stability and multiplayer performance while fixing a few bugs like displaying the wrong character models or slow performance due to tornados. (In the game, that is. Real-life tornados are a different problem.) While players will have to wait a little longer for more of a content-focused update, it’s good to see that the developers are hard at work ensuring bugs get fixed on every platform.

Source: Twitter (1, 2)
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