Lord of the Rings Online explains legendary item revamp and conversion method


Does it seem fair that your average Lord of the Rings Online goblin, who can barely afford a rusty tin axe on his weekly salary of fish guts, finds himself assailed by a righteous hero bearing an ├╝ber-powerful sword that’s so fancy it’s got its own name? It doesn’t feel fair to the goblin, we’ll just say that.

From the player perspective, however, wielding that legendary item is a major part of their power — and their frustration, due to the legendary item system’s troubled history. SSG is aiming to make this a distant memory come Fate of Gundabad, as the LI system is due for a revamp.

In a recent blog post, the studio explained how players will get and level up their new legendary items. The burning question of how SSG is going to handle the conversion of current legendary items in a way that treats the players fair is also addressed.

“After Update 30.3 is released, you will see a button in your old Legendary Item panel,” the studio said. “Pressing the button will scan your Legendary Item, calculate the number of ingredients you should receive, then grant you an amount of Ancient Script intended to get your new Legendary Item into a relatively equivalent power level to your existing Legendary Item. We also intend to offer conversion of some of the more valuable old Legendary Item ingredients that players have acquired over the years, and we will provide more information about that conversion in the future.”

Source: LOTRO. Thanks Matthew!
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