Aliens Fireteam Elite introduces a quickplay feature to join in any campaign mission

Sounds like trouble.

Let’s say you’ve cut your way through the campaign of Aliens: Fireteam Elite and you’re hoping to find some other folks to play with when taking on harder versions of the game’s missions. As of last week, an update to the co-op shooter has made that easier thanks to the addition of a quickplay feature, which lets players queue up for any campaign mission that matches their difficulty and challenge card preferences.

The update has also made a few overall changes like improved animations for some emotes, and a host of fixes to bugs related to turret elemental type displays, appropriate tracking for certain enemy-related Tactical Opportunities, and an unintended UI notification for Doc players among other things. There was also a small patch that addressed an issue that prevented players from queuing for Horde Mode while grouped together.


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Dug From The Earth

This is a much needed update that will make the game a lot more replayable after you beat the main campaign.

Before, you had to pick a mission from a specific chapter, and hope that others would also be queueing up for that mission, from that specific chapter at the same time.

Now, you just select the difficulty, and it will auto match you with anyone from any mission, any chapter. MUCH easier to get paired up with people to play.

Now… if they could just add more game modes to the end and some additional horde maps…