‘Brutal’ MMO Valorbound explains that it’s really about friendship and flexible play sessions


Back in June, we introduced a new MMO project to you called Valorbound, which sought to set itself apart from the pack by being a “brutal” and “hardcore” title with lots of PvP bouts and health management. If that intrigued you and you were curious to hear more, then you’re going to want to scoot over to Reddit where the team’s lead posted the full design outline for the game.

Apparently, Valorbound began as a Minecraft mod that eventually morphed into a larger MMO project done in Unity. The team said that the focus of the game is all about getting back to the roots of the genre: “Vertical progression causes a lot of issues. Ones that we feel detract from what an MMORPG should be: Living the life of a fantasy world, and sharing that adventure with your friends.”

The heavily instanced MMO will allow players to mix-and-match two classes out of the 27 total, although some of those will need to be unlocked through gameplay. Swapping out class builds can be done on the fly, as well as cosmetics and races to eliminate the need for alts.

“We’re making this because we want to play this. We all have different schedules, and us playing MMO’s together was an absolute joke,” the team lead explained. “I want to be sitting at the tavern table, and cheer along with the rest of the group because <team member> FINALLY logs in… and when that happens… go do content, that’s meaningful to ALL of us.”

Source: Reddit. Thanks Protobear!
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