Fractured opens up free play starting today to wrap up its fall alpha event

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Do you want to try out Fractured without being in the proper alpha testing batch? You’re in luck because the game is kicking off a free play event starting today and running through October 13th. That means that every registered account is free to download, install, and play on the game’s current build without any restrictions. Dynamight Studios is also reducing the cost and time requirements for city raids, so players who jump in to test the current build will have the opportunity to really dive into some large-scale PvP to boot.

Of course, the designers will be focusing on several metrics during the test, largely to see if the game’s most recent server optimization improvements have successfully improved the game or not. Still, it’s a free test for all, so if you’re curious about the game or just want something new to play this weekend, it’s right there for you without costing a dime.

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