Dual Universe addresses upcoming updates to the game’s Lua programming language


When it comes to making things happen in Dual Universe, like opening doors or docking to constructs, the Lua programming language used in the game is the engine that makes it all hum, and that engine is getting some tuning according to a dev blog. The post outlines some minor adjustments that have been made, like logic changes regarding what’s considered the center of a construct for rotation purposes, the removal of quaternions, and additions to the Lua API related to docking.

A follow-up dev blog was released earlier today. “There are some future backend radar changes in the planning stages now,” Novaquark writes. “In preparation, we have made some improvements to the Lua implementation of the radar. These should not only have a usability benefit, but also improve performance as we reduce the usage of JSON strings to deliver payloads in Lua in favour of tables and values.”

In other DU news, the monthly newsletter once again points in the general direction of the Apollo and Ares updates, shows off community creations, and asks players that run marketplaces and in-game shops to submit information about their wares for a “shopper’s resource” edition of the community-focused Helios Bulletin newsletter.

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