City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server celebrates Halloween and the Day of the Dead


When you’re a superhero, every day is a costume party — but not every day gives you candy for free, alas. So it’s still a good thing that one of City of Heroes’ rogue servers is making sure that masked vigilantes get their holiday fix.

City of Heroes Rebirth kicked off its Halloween update yesterday with a new Day of the Dead costume pack, 33 Halloween costumes, five additional Halloween-themed enhancement sets (including Witchcraft, Vampire’s Bite, and Return from the Grave), and a quality-of-life pass for resurrection powers. You’ll also want to jump into the Deadly Apocalypse zone event for special rewards.

As chronicled in our big list of City of Heroes rogue servers, Rebirth was the server that sprang out of the CoH Discord group and merged in a few other server groups to boot; it was designed to be a clean version of i24 without dramatic changes from Paragon’s original vision. Earlier this year, we covered the server’s addition of a Guardian archetype and new powersets.


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