Lineage W announces November 4 launch and answers player questions in a video showcase


This past August we reported on Lineage W, another version of the long-running Lineage franchise that was first announced for mobile but later announced for PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year. Thanks to a video showcase from September, we now have a firm calendar date: Thursday, November 4th.

This launch does have one important caveat that should be pointed out. The game will run two regional sets of servers, with Region 1 comprosed of Korea, Japan, Russia, and countries in southeast Asia and the Middle East, and Region 2 composed of North America, South America, and Europe. We note this because Region 1 servers will be getting the game first – Region 2 will see the game arrive at a later time.

The same video showcase offered additional details about the game, including how global PvP will work, a rundown of its four different classes, and how various systems will work. There was also a great deal of discussion about how the devs will be combating common problems like gold farming. Interested players can register their character’s names right now, which might be important to do since names are global instead of specific to a server. Meanwhile, the game’s website has unleashed additional information about several regions of the game world, with lore bits and rolling footage of various locations.

sources: YouTube, official site (1, 2)

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hmmm.. Would not let me reserve a name. Maybe not open to Western markets yet?

Jake Boller

I’m a massive Lineage 1 fan, and have been following every tidbit of Lineage W news. The exact words from the devs… launch in US and Europe will come “shortly after” the Asian launch. I plan to dabble on the Asian servers, then start playing for real with the US server launch. You can reserve a name, just make your home country Korea when you make a PlayNC account.

mars omg

Thank you. Content vs Content pvp.. interesting.


I’m curious if this was salvaged from Lineage Eternal. Either way, it looks potentially good, barring overly automated gameplay. Although, with the other mobile Lineage offerings we’ve got so far, my hopes aren’t too high in that department, even if it is coming to other platforms.