NCsoft says Lineage W will launch this year for PC, mobile, PS5, and the Switch


Last week, we covered NCsoft’s initial reveal of Lineage W, yet another entry in the long-running Lineage franchise. Lineage W, however, was initially pitched as a mobile MMO, which didn’t have our audience especially enthused, especially since we’ve been waiting for Lineage Eternal aka The Lineage for seven years.

That might change today, NCsoft has taken another layer of wrapping off the game and opened preregistration on Android and Apple – the “W” stands for worldwide, after all, meaning this is going to be a global launch. NCsoft’s Kim Taek-jin is apparently intending to make this a cornerstone Lineage project, with high-end 3-D graphics, an emphasis on PvP, and tricks for helping a global community bridge the language divide. More importantly, it’s coming to PC as well as PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Launch is set for later this year, which seems… fast.

We’ve gotten a ton of new trailers to complement the intro trailer from last week, tucked down below, along with the NCsoft showcase itself.


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steel hunt

P2W I can guarantee you right now, but that does not mean you can’t have fun as free to play. Especially if lineage pvp is your thing. Old style guild ganking and server guild politics etc.


This is on mobile as well so the business model is basically guaranteed to be a collection of all the worst P2W garbage you can imagine.

Kickstarter Donor

That global battle trailer is…awful. Like, dreadful. What am I even looking at.

This is surprisingly fast and I’m skeptical that they’ll hit this global launch this year. But hey, why not. Looks fairly pretty at least, which is usually enough to at least give it a spin.


They said in the videos it has been in development for over four years.


looks like some sort of auto battler, like an idle game or something. Those animations are so fast I can’t see anyone controlling them. This all seems so random

Lind Valera

I hope it isn’t auto battler again…
But from what i’ve seen, battles, sprites, etc looks alot like Lineage 1. For anyone that has been following/fan of Lineage series will know from first glance. Definitely brought back that nostalgic feeling seeing those characters and battle animations.

Personally, i’m excited for it to see something similar to their first Lineage title. But can only be hopeful that it won’t disappoint amongst the mountain of garbage games that comes out in recent years. I’d be happy if they can stick to the classic ways which is highly doubtful with how this generation of games all has some sort of P2W item mall crap.


Yes the actual L2 looks better.

This seems like a browser game

Brinto Sfj

How is that in game trailer? That looks like cgi cinematics.