Elyon deep-dives its rune attributes system as CBT2 progresses


If there’s one thing that seems to be a major feature of Elyon, it’s the variety of systems that let players customize their character. Whether it’s the skills system or the effects of gear and gear enhancement, there are a number of ways for players to craft their character, and now the game is showcasing another layer of customization with a video breakdown of the rune attributes system.

This system is all about the types of gems that players slot into their equipment, which fall under one of six rune attribute trees. Engaging these effects requires rune attribute points, which are gained by inserting gems into gear; the higher the gem level, the more attribute points earned, meaning there are more points to spend on unlocking rune attribute passives. Each tree is also color coded to specific gems (red for Assault, blue for Protection, etc.). The video further breaks down what each tree does and how each effect applies and showcases how latter tiers of each tree add some potent improvements, like an attribute at the high end of the Assault tree that can increase the power of all attacks.

If you’re less interested in systems previews and more about the flashy showcase videos, Elyon further released a sizzle reel that offers a look at some of the things players can look forward to in-game. And for more, make sure to check out our recent stream, which granted a quick look at the game’s current closed beta test.

source: YouTube (1, 2)
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