Elyon talks up its skill system ahead of the MMORPG’s second closed beta test


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As one might expect, classes in Elyon will have different skills that can be learned right from a character’s skill book and are earned from leveling a character, with a maximum of 11 skills that can be added to a character’s hotbar. Incidentally, most of the hotbar’s buttons are unlocked except for two, which can be opened up by equipping certain gear and using the Mana Awakening system.

Skills have different damage elements and skill effects, and each skill has four different attributes that can be changed out of combat, adjusting the visuals, functionality, and playstyle for each class. These attributes can be earned by leveling, inserting gems into gear, or from world bosses and other in-game content, depending on the grade of attribute. On top of that, there is a preset system that lets players either build their own skill attribute presets or choose from a list of recommended presets.

The skill system preview video is the first of a planned series of videos that will detail the features of Elyon as the MMO moves into its second closed beta test on August 18th. You can get your eyes full of skilly goodness in the embed below.

source: YouTube

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Ray O'Brien

Anyone play the first beta and have any impressions?

Tom De Laet

Honestly I liked it but I like these sort of games. It’s a typical Korean grinder mmo with world PvP. Think BDO style gameplay but with TERA combat. The thing i don’t like about it, is the multiple power systems it has and which it’ll probably monetize. My main complaint is the gacha style way to acquire gems (which give you special ‘passive’ skills). Also unlike BDO there are dungeons but the rewards from said dungeons can only be gained once a day I believe. TL:DR BDO gameplay loop (Korean grinder) with TERA combat with the expected gacha/p2w Korean monetization.

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Ken from Chicago

Is there an English trailer for ELYON that says what it’s about?

Dean Dean

It’s a Korean game that failed and is now being released in the west as a last-ditch cash grab.

That’s all you need to know.


It is essentially the spiritual successor to TERA, same company, similar combat, new IP, new systems.

Developer is Krafton, which made TERA and PUBG.

Vanquesse V

Pretty much this, though I’ll say that the cash shop offerings look more like BDO than TERA at a glance. If that’s good or bad I can’t tell without having played it.