Valve appears to be banning titles with NFT and crypto trading from Steam

It's a Ponzi scheme, Charlie Brown


Saying that Valve and Steam have some problems is not a hot take. It is more of a lukewarm take, or if you want to be less charitable, a statement of fact. We all know that Steam allows some games on the platform that are transparent asset-flips or early access games never to be finished. What’s the line wherein a game becomes too much of a scam for Valve to allow it? The answer is apparently “cryptocurrency,” as Valve has made it clear that existing games allowing for NFT or crypto trading will be removed and other games will not be allowed on the platform.

It’s worth noting that Valve has not issued an official statement on disallowing crypto trading or NFTs from Steam, although according to the twitter forĀ Age of Rust the rationale is that Valve does not want anything with real-world value being traded via games on Steam. This is a dubious use of the word “value,” but we’ll leave that alone. The change has instead come as a result of an edit to Steam’s onboarding page. It’s not quite taking to task all of the low-effort ripoffs that lurk in the dark corners of the service, but it does mean one fewer haven for blockchain enthusiasts.

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