Black Desert unleashes a giant robot fight on PC and various Halloween events for mobile and console


Do you dig giant robots? Then you’re probably going to dig on Black Desert’s latest event, which features a battle against Marni’s latest creation, the Innocence Mk XII, where players must hop on to their own robotic chassis to take down the hulking metallic behemoth. The patch out this week also adds 35 days of login rewards, some item changes, and Kamasylvia node wars.

Meanwhile, the console and mobile versions of the game are getting into the Halloween spirit. Mobile players have a spooky ghost doll shop to visit, a candy parade event, and new Halloween items from Patrigio and a boss monster fight, while console players can now enter Marni’s spooky playground and rake in lots of login rewards.

sources: Black Desert PC site (1, 2), Black Desert mobile site (1, 2, 3), Black Desert console site (1, 2)

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