City of Heroes Homecoming gets all Halloween happy


The other day on the podcast, we were trying to recall what the name of City of Heroes’ haunted house was. That served as a cue for the Homecoming rogue server to swoop in and remind us all that this was Dr. Kane’s House of Horror, the tip of the Halloween event iceberg.

Indeed, spooky times are here on Homecoming — and it’s not like you don’t already have a great costume to wear! The Halloween event has a whole assortment of activities and wonders to discover, including trick-or-treating, the aforementioned House of Horror, a zombie apocalypse, a deadly apocalypse, seasonal vendors, Eternal Night, and a redecorated Atlas Park.

If you’re planning on getting all of the fun out of this event, you’ll want to get a move on it, as Halloween ends in the game on November 2nd.

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…one thing the pigtails are wanting to do in their time off of WoW is the Peter Parker thing. And go back Home…