The Division 2 pushes back its next content update to February 2022 for quality control purposes


Back in March, fans of The Division 2 were probably very surprised when Ubisoft Massive announced that it would be putting out new content after the devs had said that Title Update 12 would be the game’s last. So it’s perhaps unsurprising to learn that good news is being chased by some recent bad news, as the devs have announced this new content update is getting pushed back, arriving in February 2022 instead of later this year.

“We remain confident that this content will bring an exciting experience to our players and pave the way for the future of The Division 2 with future title updates coming in 2022. That being said, and to make sure we deliver this content on par with our vision, we have made the decision to move our new season, game mode and associated content release to February 2022.”

Previews of the next update are expected to roll out in the meantime, including the return of the Intelligence Annex blog posts starting this coming Thursday and reveals of the game’s next season and new game mode in January 2022. As for content in between now and February, the devs will be organizing an in-game event, bringing back some player-favorite global events with new rewards, and an apparel event. Fans will just have to wait for more substantial content updates for a few months now.


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Kickstarter Donor

Love this series, but my enthusiasm was definitely dampened when they announced they would continue supporting it. I didn’t even realize they were going to stop, and now it feels more like it was just a delay of maintenance mode.

Since that announcement, it’s basically reruns, so nothing I haven’t seen in many hours spent there. Guess all the efforts are on the new initiatives, maybe the feature movie will reignite new story content and not just clothing/weapons.

Danny Smith

Honestly i had assumed it was in maintenance mode at this point as they were trying to move on to the battle royale, whatever the hell XDefiant thinks it is and i swear i remember some third project in the works?

But with everything Ubisoft crashing and burning lately i guess you stick with the reliable that still has an audience?

Kickstarter Donor

Super disappointing that we’re waiting until next year to even hear what it is, and that they’re targeting Feb. which already has like 12 AAA releases in it.

But hey, it sure sounds like they weren’t planning on this until the the CEO mentioned it on an earning call, and it definitely sounds like it’s more than just a new piece of content based on the apparent upcoming changes to the Specialization system (which is pretty boring/uninteresting and the weapons largely suck for).

I hope it’s good, but man has the wait sucked.