World of Warships adds new ships and new campaign to console, more WH40K ships to console and PC


Sure, World of Warships and the Warhammer 40K universe have collaborated before, but those were Imperium or Chaos battleships. What the game was truly missing was some WAAAAGH! Thanks to another collab for the game, PC and console players can command the Orkish Ship Smasha in the most recent event. Or players could also command the humdrum Black Imperium Cross of Dorn if they have no taste. The event runs from now until November 19th on PC and between November 8th and December 6th on consoles.

It’s not just cross-promotional things for Warships on console, as the November update has also added new hardware for players to command with new British aircraft carriers added to the country’s tech tree and several Russion cruisers moving out of early access. Console players are also able to take up the Origin of Wisdom campaign, a six week-long event with 120 milestones to earn and two new ships to unlock in the form of the French destroyer Siroco and German cruiser Mainz. The link above has all the details, while videos below have all the moving pictures.

source: press releases
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