Neverwinter will soon sell tokens to unbind equipment


One of the immutable laws of MMORPGs is that bind-on-pickup or bind-on-equip gear, once used, can never be transferred or sold to another party ever again. It’s stuck to you like glue because of… of magic? Magic. That’s what we’re going with here. It’s certainly not an arbitrary decision by developers.

Like most MMOs, Neverwinter is replete with BOA and BOP gear. But unlike most MMOs, now Neverwinter has a way to un-bind bound objects — and it’s magic, not money. Starting on November 11th, Cryptic will be happy to sell you and your friends unbind tokens in the Zen Market. There are restrictions on what can be unbound and variable costs per item affected.

“We are starting with a limited number of items that can be unbound and will expand the options as we go forward,” Cryptic said. “Some items won’t be able to be unbound such as equipped mounts and companions due to how those items work, but most other items can be made unbound.”

The studio also pointed out that unbind tokens are dropping in the game itself as loot.

Source: Neverwinter

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