Tree of Savior adds Luchador class, previews Sadhu rework and Hwarang archer


Whatever happened to Tree of Savior? Despite the fact that the isometric MMO made it to a top ten list of MMORPGs we’ve already forgotten about, a look back at the game’s official site and the MMORPG subreddit has found that the game, against all odds, is still very much alive and kicking and releasing new content besides.

We start first with last week’s update, which introduced the Luchador class for the Swordsman archetype. As one might expect, this class has lots of pro wrestling panache and features skills that goad enemies, stun targets with massive smash attacks, and piledrive enemies into the ground provided they complete the correct QTE button inputs. The update has also added mounts, bounty hunting for higher-level characters, and a new weekly boss to fight among other things.

Next, the devs offered a preview of a Sadhu class rework, outlining a number of tweaks to the class’ skills, particularly those used by the projected spirit. The post also outlines changes to other Cleric archetype classes.

Incidentally, the end of that post talked about an upcoming preview of a new Archer class and plans for existing Archer archetype classes, but those who can’t wait for that update post can get an eyeful of the Hwarang class in action in a Korean preview video. Naturally, more details about the Hwarang are expected soon, but it appears to go in on the bow wielding aspect as opposed to, say, rapiers or pets.

sources: official site (1, 2), YouTube (1, 2, 3) via Reddit (1, 2)
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