Albion Online brings revamped rewards to Guild Season 14


Hot on the heels of Albion Online’s huge content drop earlier this week, the sandbox title is kicking off Guild Season 14 this weekend. However, this time around it won’t be the same-old, same-old; Sandbox Interactive is making some significant changes to spice up guild-vs-guild warfare.

The notable features for this season include a “Conqueror’s Challenge” reward track, guild might levels, the introduction of might and favor, capturable power cores, and headquarters hideouts. This last feature gives players an invulnerable H.Q. that’ll be plopped in the middle of otherwise dangerous territory.

Going back to the Lands Awakened content update, Sandbox Interactive has already put out two hotfixes to tackle some pressing issues such as resource mobs not paying out a full loot bounty. The studio also “changed despawn timers of Static Dungeon boss chests from 12 hours to 5 minutes after being opened.”


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