Global Chat: Wrapping up FFXIV’s Shadowbringers


As Final Fantasy XIV players are on the cusp of leaping into Endwalker, MMO blogger Gnomecore wrapped up a final look at Shadowbringers. It’s a detailed look at the good, the bad, and the sloggy.

“Like always, the main story arc ended with a perfect climactic resolution, yet some stones were left unturned, namely the problem of returning our fellows back to the homeworld. Normally patch stories of FFXIV expansions are even better than the main story arcs, but Shadowbringers’ version was not so even.”

Read on for more opinion pieces on Star Trek Online, World of Warcraft, and more!

This is really World of Warcraft's fault, but I have to be comprehensive here.

24 Hours In commented on how Star Trek Online isn’t always the best at handling its narrative: “Playing Star Trek Online really is just like starring in an episode of Star Trek — you spend a lot of your time being told where to stand and what to say and do, and sometimes the director isn’t very good at handling action scenes.”

Battle Stance shared the woe of every altoholic with a story of running out of character slots in World of Warcraft: “One noteworthy thing is that before the level squish I didn’t want to delete old characters on random servers because of the time invested. Now it’s so quick that if I don’t have a nostalgic connection… that 10-year-old toon can absolutely be deleted without a second thought, but there are just so many exceptions.”

FibroJedi gave all of SWTOR’s Jedi Consular companions a complete work-up: “So here are the original SWTOR Jedi Consular Companions, when you obtain them and also when/where the post Fallen Empire reunions are. I have put them in alphabetical order so they’re easier to find, rather than in the order you meet them. Enjoy!”

Many Welps just finished up Fallen Earth’s first sector: “The pistol path is rough for a character just starting out. I saw several people talking in global chat about how pistols were really for your second or even your third character. Not only do I have to craft two of every weapon upgrade but they eat through ammo like no other. But they look cool and do a decent clip of damage so I live the pistol lifestyle.”

The Friendly Necromancer is getting “savage” in Runes of Magic: “At the beginning of the week I reached a point in Runes of Magic where I just simply felt stuck to be honest. It’s probably that I’m new and unfamiliar with all the multitude of leveling options, but being Level 57 and questless is not a place that seems fun. I spent some time grinding XP on elite mobs and racked up a pretty severe death debt that required spending a good chunk of Phirius tokens to clear. Whoops!”

MMO Folklorist shared five unusual memories from playing Star Wars Galaxies back in the day: “By this point it was several days after the patch launched and I hadn’t been back into school since. I was two-months into sixth form and was already somehow three-months behind in my workload. So I never went back at all.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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