Kickstarter goes crypto with new decentralized blockchain protocol


Just in case you didn’t already distrust Kickstarter enough, the company has announced plans to pivot to crypto in an attempt to recapture relevance, and it won’t hurt that a large portion of the base of people ready and willing to throw money at dreams and schemes nowadays are already enmeshed in the crypto life.

In its announcement yesterday, Kickstarter reps say they’re “supporting the development of a decentralized crowdfunding protocol that will make it possible for people to launch and fund creative projects anywhere, whether it’s on or someplace else on the web.” It’ll use a “carbon-negative” open-source public blockchain, Celo, to “[enable] everyone who is interested in the promise of crowdfunding to help build its future and have a say and stake in how it works.”

“In the coming years, we believe large swaths of the internet will be reconstructed from the ground up by open and decentralized networks of contributors, who participate in the design, operation, governance and even ownership of the technology themselves. We believe that helping build the infrastructure and tools that help bring creative projects to life is an important and exciting way for us to serve our mission.”

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