Star Wars Galaxies shut down almost a decade ago, and one rogue server is commemorating the occasion


If you’ve ever been there for the last hours and minutes of an MMORPG that’s sunsetting, you probably don’t want to think about it too much. But if you can bear ripping that band-aid off when it comes to Star Wars Galaxies, you might want to swing by rogue server SWG Legends, which is commemorating the sunset of that game back in 2011 alongside its traditional Life Day winter holiday events.

“This year, we’re paying homage to Star Wars Galaxies in a special way. Here on Legends, we’re commemorating the 10 year anniversary of SWG’s shutdown back in 2011 with our Life Day update coming Friday, December 10th. Community members will be able to log in between Friday, December 10th through Wednesday, December 15th to take part in a small celebration in honor of it being a decade since SWG originally closed. […] As a farewell to the celebration and a show of respect to the old Star Wars Galaxies, we have a scheduled server restart happening on Wednesday, December 15th at 9:01pm PST to officially mark the 10 year anniversary of the original SWG’s shutdown a decade ago. There will be a social gathering at the Pit of Carkoon in the hour leading up to the planned server restart where we can all acknowledge and commemorate this incredible anniversary together!”

In other words, it’s about to be time to celebrate life and death together. Life Day is live today, incidentally, so you can scooch on over to Saun Dann’s tree in Doaba Guerfel and the Life Day grotto on Kashyyyk and get started on your quest, through Monday, January 10th.

Source: SWGL, patch notes
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