Book of Travels adds new skills, a list of achievements, and quality-of-life tweaks in latest updates

Lot of oh no, but maybe that's to be expected.

This past Thursday brought some new content to the unique walkabout multiplayer title Book of Travels. A couple of updates, actually. The larger of the two introduced some new skills for players to discover (developer Might & Delight is not sharing how to get these skills) and a list of achievements to chase. Unfortunately, those who have met the requirements for this current cheevo list won’t be rewarded with them retroactively, so players who already did things like find a dandelion or make a trade will have to do so again.

The other update is a bit lighter on content but otherwise is full of adjustments and bug fixes. Of note is the ability to cancel tying knots or brewing teas by walking, the addition of new text descriptions for various items, and skills that can target characters now casting a highlight over the target.

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