PSA: Apex Legends celebrates SWTOR’s 10th anniversary with a free giveaway

Oh, right, I hate this.

A delayed expansion announcement is probably not how Star Wars: The Old Republic wanted to be celebrating its 10th anniversary, but these things happen. As a consolation prize, another online title is helping to prop-up this occasion.

Apex Legends announced that for a limited time, any players who log into the game will receive an Old Republic medallion for free. The piece features a split symbol of the Empire and Republic.

Meanwhile over in SWTOR proper, BioWare has a grand total of five events lined up this month, starting with the Ten-Year Anniversary that’ll feature a special vendor with all of the previous anniversary rewards in it. Also coming in December is the Pirate Incursion, Life Day, double XP, and Bounty Contract Week.

Source: Twitter, SWTOR
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