Black Desert Mobile launches events to fight bosses, grow account characters, and celebrate bagels

Sure, fine, whatever.

Sure, there are events that involve beating down foes or logging in, but have you ever dared to dream of an event that celebrates the majesty of the bagel? Black Desert Mobile has dared to blaze this trail, launching not only one but two events in celebration of National Bagel Day.

The first event tasks players with beating up monsters and taking their bagels, then exchanging the four different kinds of drops for a Bagel Box that rewards one of four different materials. The second event offers up three different Bagel Grab daily missions that reward things like three hours’ worth of hot time, a Holy Vial of Splendor, or a Bagel Selection chest.

It’s not just about bagels in this week’s update, however, as there are also your bog standard events like a series of tasks to grow player families and a boss beatdown event, along with the usual weekly patch that the Nightmare version of Nagram among other things. These events, however, do not involve delicious bagels and are thus far less important.

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