Martial arts survivalbox The Swordsmen X Survival details planned features as it eyes a 2022 launch


Last July, we wondered what happened to the Age of Wushu franchise, and in our digging around we came across The Swordsmen X: Survival, an in-development martial arts-filled multiplayer survival title that looked close enough to a Wushu sequel that it caused some confusion among series fans. For those who are interested in where this game is headed, the devs at Yooreka Studio have piped up with a recent dev blog that provides a look at what the game is working on and its initial launch plans.

The post touts features like the four different regions of the game’s large open world and the various things players can find in each region, mocap animations from real-world martial artists and action actors, a wide variety of weapon types that all have their own martial arts style, and powerful world bosses that players can challenge.

As one might expect, putting together all of this is a lot of work, and so the post points out that the game is looking to release sometime this year. Followers of the game can look forward to a new round of testing after Steam’s 2022 Spring Festival, which promises new content for players to engage in. For the time being, Swordsmen X can be wishlisted on Steam.

source: Steam
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