Whatever happened to the Age of Wushu franchise?

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This story has something of an interesting progression to it. It began with a dive into whatever happened to Age of Wushu, which then led to a revelation about Age of Wushu 2, which kind of has its own story going on. So with that in mind, we think it’s time to run down some of the most recent developments for both titles.

We’ll start with the original target, Age of Wushu. There was some concern raised on Reddit a few months back about the game’s prospects for survival, with the post noting that the game’s official site is offline. To further confuse things, the game’s listing on Steam is now broken, which indicates the MMO was removed from the platform.

So what happened? The game is still running, evidently, just with a slightly different address. Things do seem to be a bit threadbare here, however, with the most recent update post focusing on a rebate for purchased gold a couple of weeks back – an event that we note appears to be a recurring thing. Furthermore, the game’s download page has a bunch of files that need to be manually put into a folder. So things are at least functional here, just not quite as carefully managed as one would expect.

No video games out there.

As for Age of Wushu 2, a quick search found a Facebook post from November 2020 that announced development of the game was halted. Our own coverage of the game saw Chinese pre-registration started in 2017, while fellow blogger Connor of MMO Fallout notes beta signups in 2017 and a projected release in 2018, but things had gone silent long enough that players were concerned about its future. We hasten to note that the Facebook announcement doesn’t appear to be from an official source, but all indications are that Age of Wushu 2 is indeed dead.

So where does that game stand now? Evidently, there is a new game which looks similar enough to Wushu 2 in concept that people are getting confused: The Swordsmen X: Survival, a large-scale open world multiplayer survival title that touts 256 square kilometers of map where players can craft items, build houses, find skills, fight over territory, plumb dungeon areas, and even open their own martial arts school if they choose.

We feel it’s important to note that this new title is apparently not being developed by Wushu dev studio Snail Games, though fans in the official Discord and on Reddit are arguing over the matter. The game was pushed this past E3 and PAX East by publisher Yooreka Studio, particularly as part of an indie games showcase – a showcase that didn’t include Age of Wushu 2.

As for The Swordsmen X: Survival, interested fans can read up this dev blog or check out the video below for some more details.

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Played it for 4 years total (1 year in NA prior with very bad ping) then 3 years EU until they merged back to NA and my ping got too bad to play.. It is extremely p2w and had millions of issues and compared to most mmorpgs it didn’t compete well apart from one aspect – PVP. It had the best pvp experiences. I enjoyed the combat on the roof top in towns. Barely any safe zones. The pve had pvp in. arenas, scrip stealing, open world, assassin, the guild carts, guild wars..even with inferior gear I did ok in pvp until the Ancient sets took over and made it unbalanced. I remember the open world pvp encounters the most. . This game honestly ruined any other mmorpg’s combat and pvp.. We will probably never experience this level of pvp content in any mmorpg. My account sadly got hacked after it transferred to NA and even though I quit I could never go back to check it out in the last 4 years. Been jumping between mmorpgs.. ESO, BnS, GW2.. none lived up to the pvp but I ended up at BDO.. its by far a better game in every sense except AOW’s pvp and pvp modes is just so much better. But Snailgames should never touch any games.. the potential in AOW was so great and sadly got ruined by them.

ishikawa ren

Love the school scripts stealing event, so much fun


I really enjoyed AoW. Loved the sandbox nature and the school wars and kidnapping people that were offline. It was a lot of fun. If only we could have something like it with out the pay 2 win.

Bruno Brito

AoW was pretty fun at the start. Bear in mind, it had the same issues that most asian imports have: It was held by spit and duct tape, it was extremely prone to bugs, it was riddled with P2W, the localization/translation was absolutely atrocious, the game mechanics and overall progression was confusing and grindy.

What made AoW stand out for me was how chill and relaxing it was. The game itself was pretty mediocre. But the scenery and the vibes of the game just made you wanna enjoy the trip. It was cool for like a month or two of exploring.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

A PVP MMO i played and loved, and i don’t like PVP, yet the world itself was and still so beautiful, i didn’t do much, just walked around to take screenshots and listen to the beautiful music, i even thought about going into PVP but playing US servers means huge lag for me.

Downloading the game require downloading the files manually, this is not new, but it does not give the game good impression, even older games do better than that.

I hope they work on it again, there is a core of a good game and it needs someone to care about it.


Age of Wushu/Wullin(eu) was a fairly innovative but mismanaged PVP orientated game that became more and more P2W over time and locked eventually crafting behind a subscription with the excuse of gold farmers. Last time I checked on 2019 there may had been around 150 at all times playing for a game that once was unusually popular for a PVP mmorpg