Star Stable celebrates its US mobile launch with 21M registered players


Readers will recall that back in December, horse-themed kid MMO Star Stable was planning a mobile launch, which would’ve put it right on trend with games like Albion Online and RuneScape. December didn’t happen; Star Stable Entertainment AB told us that it had to delay the app to finish performance optimization.

Today, I can happily report that it did so, and as of the wee hours of this morning, the game has rolled out to mobile fans in a global launch that’ll be most of our readers’ first chance to play it on their mobile toys (unless you were in Australia, New Zealand, or Canada and got to scope out the soft launch).

There’s a drawback, here, though: It’s for iOS only, with no certainty on whether it’ll make its way to Android, unlike the smaller-scale horse minigame Star Stable Entertainment AB has already launched. This version is a complete port of the real game, with “seamless cross-play.”

“The on-the-go version of the world’s fastest growing horse adventure game brings seamless cross-play to millions of players, meaning all the elements of the desktop version of Star Stable Online can now be enjoyed on mobiles and tablets. Designed to give players the opportunity to engage their independent, creative and adventurous powers, the Star Stable Online game sees players go on quests in an open world populated by other riders. In this world a colourful cast of characters bring to life in-game events such as seasonal celebrations, races, and challenges.”

Star Stable Online’s loyal players have been asking to play on their mobile devices, where girls and young women spend so much of their time. We promised we were working on it, and now we are so happy to deliver on that promise,” CEO Johan Sjöberg says, promising “the same vibrant, rich experience on desktop as on mobile.” Apparently it’s already paying off, as the studio says 25% of its players used mobile during the test phases.

The press release also notes that the game boasts 21 million registered users – not shabby at all.

Source: Press release, Appstore
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