PvPvE shooter The Cycle explains its monetization strategy

Shoot cycle.

When co-op/PvP shooter The Cycle does decide to launch sometime in 2022 (according to Steam), it will be free-to-play, which naturally begs the question of how dev studio YAGER plans on monetizing the game; after all, an FPS usually can’t live on cosmetics alone by virtue of the gameplay perspective. A new dev diary has outlined the plan, sharing a few ways players can spend cash on the game if they so choose.

To understand The Cycle’s monetization, you first need to understand the three main currencies that will be in-game: K-Marks, the currency earned purely by doing things in-game; Aurum, the premium currency; and Salvage Tokens, which are tied to a gear salvage feature.

Naturally, Aurum can be bought with real-world money, but there will also be a premium battle pass that players can purchase to unlock XP boosters, new Prospector skins, and weapon skins; the free version of the pass will reward things like weapon supply crates, resources, Aurum, and Salvage Tokens. The game will also sell four different starter packs that bundle vanity items, gear, and currency.

As for the gear salvage system mentioned earlier, Salvage Tokens, Aurum, or a combination of the two can be used, which means that everything offered in the game can be experienced simply by playing, gaining levels in the Fortuna Pass, and leveling up personal quarters. There’s also an insurance system for lost weapons in play that’s tied to K-Marks. The complete dev diary has all the salient details.

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