World War II Online heads to Indiegogo to crowdfund its 2022 roadmap features


Last month, developer Cornered Rat Software outlined 2022 update plans for World War II Online, with plans for things like new weapons, new logistical vehicles, the ability for tank crews to repair their vehicle, artillery, and more. As it turns out, making these things happen in the shooter requires money, so the devs are turning to Indiegogo to crowdfund these features.

WWII Online is 100% community funded, and by popular request of our community, we have funding rounds such as these to help bolster exciting development options desired by our players. We have heard you and we’re now gearing ourselves up to deliver on the 2022 roadmap. This funding campaign is vital to providing critical resources for Playnet/Cornered Rat Software to accomplish these goals.”

As noted in the quote, this sort of crowdfunding drive isn’t without precedent, as WWII Online has run such campaigns 10 times over, so players of the shooter are likely not surprised. The campaign is seeking $40K to make its 2022 roadmap come to life, and the devs at CRS will collect all funds raised whether that goal is met or not.

source: Indiegogo
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